Journal Printing Tips

I am so excited to start offering printable journals on our site! This post shares all my best printing tips for printing your very own journals at home.

What Paper To Use?

The type of paper you want to use is entirely up to you! I like to use cardstock most of the time – I like the nice thick, sturdy pages and I can always draw or paint on them anytime without any issues.

If you want normal weight pages, I love this 32 pound paper. It’s thicker than your standard copy paper, and it prints beautifully in my Epson Eco-Tank printers!

Resizing Journal Pages

All of my journal kits are in PDF format – this helps keep the file size smaller without any loss in print quality. I design everything in U.S. Letter size (11×8.5 inch) – but you can certainly print at any size paper you need – just be sure to adjust for the paper size in your print settings!

When printing, be sure you select “actual size” and “borderless printing” as the page size. I also highly recommend printing a test page first to make sure everything will print the way you want before printing all of the pages!

Here is a screenshot of the print settings I use on my Mac:

printer settings

I sadly don’t have a Windows computer to show you a screenshot of what that looks like, but you’d want to make sure to select similar options for paper size and scaling.

Tips for Printing Double Sided Pages

When I print double-sided pages from my journal kits, I don’t use the double-sided printing function that is built into my printer because it adds borders to everything and the ink sometimes smears when the paper goes back through because these pages typically have a lot of color and a lot of ink!

Instead, what I do is print the first half, take those papers, and put them back in the printer (make sure they are facing the right direction!), then I print the second half so that it will print on the backs of the first set of pages I printed.

For example, if there are 36 sheets, you would first print pages 1-18, put those pages in your printer in the correct direction and then print pages 19-36.

Troubleshooting Printing Issues

Occasionally when printing large colorful files, you can sometimes run into the issue where your printer’s nozzles will become clogged and it can leave streaks/stripes/lines/smearing on the page. If you go into your printer’s utility software, there should be the option to clean the printheads which will solve this issue.

Another issue you may run into is items not being aligned properly. This is usually caused by your printhead alignment – most printers have a utility where you can adjust this and calibrate your machine.

Of course, you can always send the files to also be printed by your favorite print/copy service – that’s the best way to get clear, crisp, beautiful prints every time, and sometimes it’s even more economical!

It’s annoying when things don’t print the way we want – but that doesn’t mean you’ve wasted paper or ink! There are a ton of ways you can use messed up papers!