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Vintage Graphics and Ephemera Printables

Love everything vintage? Browse our collection of vintage graphics and ephemera printables to use in your own art, collage, junk journals, crafts and more!

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Vintage Girls On Bench Web
Man Reading Newspaper On Couch
Mark Twain Birthplace Image Svg
Rs Vintage Floral Wreath Line Art 1
Beautiful Actress From 1911 Lila Rhodes Web Size
Insect Epehemera Preview
Rs Vintage Floral Wreath Line Art 11
Girl With Cats Vintage Illustration Web Preview
Fashionable Lady1
Embroidery Wreath Patterns Product Preview
Vintage Watercolor Flower Illustrations
Thoughtful Victorian Man With Beard Illustration Preview
Vintage Teapot Webpreview
Fishing Man Preview
Woman Sailing Image Download Preview
Three Little Pigs Vintage Illustrations Vectors Preview

Printable Backgrounds and Overlays

I love creating papers to use for junk journals and art journaling, but you can use these for almost anything – we’ve got texture papers, painted papers, seamless patterns and more!

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Marbledpaper6 Web
Textured Papers Vol 01 Cover
Marbledpaper1 Preview
Paper Overlay Textures Vol 4
Collagepaper1 Webres
Oldpaper1 Web Size
Marbledpaper4 Web
Printable Sheet Music Vol03
Color Blenders Overlays Vol1
Seamless Patterns Volume1 Preview
Seamless Checkered Pattern Scale Preview
Xmas Brights Printable Collage Papers
Simple Bw Patterned Papers
Printable Christmas Junk Journal Papers Preview2
Color Blenders Overlays Volume 02
Marbledpaper10 Web
Marbledpaper9 Web
Printable Column Grid Papers
Vintage Sheet Music Vol02
Marbledpaper12 Web

Stock Photos For All of Your Creative Projects

We’ve taken a lot of photos over the years and we’re excited to share all of our photos as royalty-free stock photos you can use in nearly any way you like!

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Ice Covered Branches 1.jpg
Old Dungeon Window 1.jpg
High Tension Power Lines Tower 1.jpg
Bright Stadium Lights 2 1.jpg
Scratchedwoodtexture 1.jpg
Dirt Grunge Underneath 1.jpg
Red Sports Flag Web
Auto Body Putty Stock Photo Preview
Water Tower Grill
Abstract Concrete Stairs
Raspberry Web
Macro Pumpkin Pulp Web Preview

Did Somebody Say Texture?

We love creating our own unique textures that are super fun to use for art, collage, and even designing printables!

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Wood Texture01 Web
Scratchedwoodtexture 1.jpg
Wicker Texture
Wood Background
Wood texture 3
Distressed Wood Texture Photo

Design Templates

Whether you want to create your own printables, collage sheets, or even design something else, we have tons of templates for you to use and enjoy!

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9 Block Collage Grid Lettersize Template Grids Vol6
Inchies And Twinchies Templates
Digi Printable Collage Templates Vol01
Xmas Doodle Templates
Junk Journal Templates Kit Preview Cover
10 Photo Grid Letter Templates
12x12 Collage Grid Templates
12x12 Collage Grids Volume 2 Preview
Social Media Templates Plr
Letter Size Grid Templates Vol2
Letter Size Collage Template Grids 8 Boxes Vol3
Letter Size Collage Templates Grid 12 Block Vol 4
Collage Template Grids Letter Size Vol5 12 Blocks

Coloring Pages

Many of our images and graphics would make for great coloring pages! These images offer both a Print-Ready PDF as well as JPG image to import into your favorite apps for digital coloring!

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Mandala Book3 Preview
Aj Sp9
Aj Sp25
Rs Vintage Floral Wreath Line Art 11
Mandala Book4 Preview
Aj Sp10
Aj Sp26
Rs Vintage Floral Wreath Line Art 12
Mandala Book5 Preview
Aj Sp11
Aj Sp27
Mandala Book6 Preview
Aj Sp12
Aj Sp28
Mandala Book7 Preview