300 Writing Prompt Cards for Kids

Writing Prompts For Kids

Be inspired to write stories, essays, poems, and journal entries with these 300 writing prompts just for kids (and kids-at-heart!)

There are so many ways to use these creative writing prompts for kids! Use them for journaling, story starters, or to spark a creative conversation!

Kids Writing Prompts Preview Pages
Kids Writing Prompts Preview Pages

Example Prompts:

  • You are the security guard at the zoo and someone has stolen a rhinoceros! How do you track down the thief?
  • Write a 12 line poem where every line is about a different month of the year.
  • Do you think thunderstorms are scary? Why or why not?

This is the paid, ad-free version of 300 Writing Prompts for Kids published on my website ThinkWritten.com. Many people enjoyed using their prompts in the classroom and requested an ad-free printable version, so I am excited to be able to offer it to you!

What This Download Includes:

In addition to the print-ready PDF files, this download also includes the following design source files so that you can easily customize and create your own prompt cards any way you see fit!

  • Print-Ready PDF List of all 300 writing prompts
  • Print Ready PDF Prompt Cards for all 300 writing prompts
  • Editable List in .doc format
  • Raw Data CSV file to use in software programs that support data merge
  • Adobe InDesign .indd file to customize each individual card

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